[2021]Seoul Comic Con presents: Ultimate Cosplay Battle

18 May 2021

(Seoul Comic Con – 2021.05.18) Global pop culture leader, the Seoul Comic Con 2021 will elect the best Cosplayer at the Ultimate Cosplay Battle competition.

The Seoul Comic Con Organizing Committee will host the UCB (Ultimate Cosplay Battle) for Cosplayers all around the world on the Seoul Comic Con taking place from August, 19-22 2021 at COEX Convention Centre in Samseong-dong, Seoul.

The UCB is the best Cosplay competition in Korea where worldwide cosplayers show their culture and passion, and which provides unique possibilities, thanks to the new on- & offline concept.

The competition is an opportunity for Cosplayers to challenge themselves and realize their dream. Anyone interested in cosplay is free to join and can submit his application by email until July, 24th.

After qualifying in the preliminary and final rounds, the final stage will take place in the form of a one-on-one tournament on August, 22nd on the Seoul Comic Con.

The competition is divided into 3 categories:

▲ Costume using sewing, needles, embroidery

▲ Costume using devices, such as needlework, machine and prosthetics

▲ Armor using special materials, such as FX effects, acrylic and EVA foam

Costume creation technology and stage performance are the focus points, so visitors can expect a lot of creative Cosplayers from over the world.

A total cash prize of 10 million Won and medals will be awarded:

▲ 5 million Won (1 person)

▲ Category Award 500,000 Won (3 persons)

▲ 2 million Won (1 person)

▲ Popularity Award 500,000 Won (1 person)

▲ 1 million Won (1 person)

In addition, the Grand Prize winner qualifies as a judge for the Seoul Comic Con 2022. Further information to be found on the official website of the Seoul Comic Con.

“The UCB is an international competition where cosplayers show their culture and passion,” the Seoul Comic Con Organizing Committee said. “It will be a worldwide event, as its on- and offline hybrid concept will allow people from all around the world to enjoy the show”.

The Seoul Comic Con is a global event where visitors can live the full pop culture experience through comics, movies, animation, games, figurines and cosplay. It will take place from August, 19-22 at COEX Convention Centre in Samseong-dong, Seoul.