[2021]Seoul Comic Con unveils World of Characters’ final lineup

19 Jul 2021

(Seoul Comic Con - 2021/07/19) With the World of Characters’ final lineup, visitors will discover national representative characters from all around world. The Seoul Comic Con Organizing Committee announced on July, 19th that 29 characters from 23 countries will participate in the World of Characters, held as an exhibition on the Seoul Comic Con 2021.

World of Characters is the first special event to be presented on the Seoul Comic Con this year. Popular characters from all over the world will be gathered is one place, regardless of comics, movies, and games. In addition to the exhibition, online and offline events will take place simultaneously for visitors who cannot visit the show, providing special opportunities.

The final lineup of World of Characters presents a large number of characters representing their country, including the United States, Japan and Finland.

First of all, the United States will present SpongeBob SquarePants and Charlie Brown & Snoopy. SpongeBob SquarePants is a character from a popular American animated TV series that is currently airing its 12th season since its premiere in 1999. Charlie Brown & Snoopy are characters who have long been loved around the world as the main characters of the American cartoon "Peanuts” (premiere in 1950). Along with this, visitors will see Japanese animation Bonobono and the Finnish character Moomin.

Popular characters that captivated everyone’s hearts during their childhood will also be present on the exhibition. Many classical characters are also expected, such as Sweden's Pippi Longstocking, famous for its red hair and freckles, United Kingdom's Teletubbies, Belgium's Smurf, Switzerland's Pingu and the Netherlands' Miffy.

Also, characters that are less known in Korea announced their participation. In particular, Indian superhero character Chacha Chaudhary, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, and Professor Balthazar, main character of the Croatian animation series of the same name. Seoul Comic Con fans’ expectations will thus be raised.

Further details and information about the World of Characters’ lineup on the official website of the Seoul Comic Con.

▲Barbie ▲He-Man ▲Dogtanian ▲Max & Ruby ▲Reksio ▲Masha ▲Jimmy Five & Monica ▲Asterix & Obelix ▲Elias ▲Upin & Ipin ▲Solan & Ludwig ▲Calimero ▲Theo ▲Footrot Flats ▲Alfred J. Kwak ▲Blinky Bill ▲Hijitus ▲Shaun the Sheep

Seoul Comic Con is a global pop culture festival where you can experience worldwide pop culture and entertainment, such as comics, movies, animation, games, figurines and cosplay, which will take place from August, 19-22 in COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul.

The Comic Con Conference (Comic Con²) will be held on August, 19th and 20th in which Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski was especially invited for an opening greeting. The Comic Con² is an international conference where global experts from all fields of cultural content industry will gather. Popular overseas cartoon characters Smurfs and Asterix, as well as Korea's leading animation company SAMG Entertainment (formerly Samji Animation) will attend as speakers to discuss trends and the development of the cultural content industry.