[2022]Seoul Comic Con reborn as Seoul POPCON

11 Nov 2021

The Seoul Comic Con Organizing Committee announced on 11 that the global pop culture convention ‘Seoul Comic Con’ will be reborn as Seoul POPCON.

‘Seoul POPCON’, short for ‘Seoul Pop Culture Convention’, is inspired from Korea’s diverse content and dynamic pop culture which, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, has grown into the center of the international content market. The exhibition presents a new model in the pop culture industry in the upcoming post Covid-19 era, and has changed its name in order to start anew and to establish itself as a global content hub.

Seoul POPCON presents contents in new sectors, such as Games, Metaverses and NFTs, but also includes contents of the Seoul Comic Con that were previously focused on Comics, Broadcasting and Movies. Therefore, it will be reborn as a show where contents and platforms, heart of the global pop culture, are gathered in one place.

In addition, the exhibition will be expanded in terms of existing content and size, so that the excellence of Korean content goes beyond national borders, and so that exchanges between more diverse media and contents can be promoted without restrictions of country and genre. Korean and international contents that are in the spotlight worldwide will be showcased on the Seoul POPCON.

As a popular cultural show, it will be the opportunity to rise competitiveness thanks to more active exchanges. Furthermore, it is expected to develop into an international exhibition which will open the possibility of endless expansion of contents, leading the global pop culture market, by providing a platform for exchange of pop content.

Seoul POPCON will take place for four days from August 25 (Thu) to 28 (Sun), 2022 at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul. For more details regarding the show, please visit the Seoul POPCON’s official website and social media.