Alfred J. Kwak
The Netherlands


(1975) There are 62 Alfred Jodocus Kwak stories. All the stories have appeared in books, on video, dvd and audio carriers. The stories have been translated in 20 languages. Herman van Veen’s Alfred Jodocus Kwak first came to light in 1976 during a concert in benefit of Unicef. Afterwards a first fairy tale picture book was released with drawings by Annet Kossen. In 1987 the first of 3 comicbooks was released with characters drawn by Harald Siepermann an background art by Hans Bacher all stories were written by Herman van Veen. During 1989 to 1991 a Dutch-German-Japanese collaboration developed a 52 part animated series for tv. Until the present day the animated tv series has been broadcast in 48 countries. Alongside the animated series Herman van Veen published an additional 12 stories of which seven have been transformed into musical theatre happenings. In 2006 Alfred became an official Unicef “Bootschafter” for the German speaking territories in Europe. The creators of the animated series received the ‘Golden Camera’ in Germany. Alfred Jodocus Kwak currently lives and works along with his wife Winnie Wana in their wooden shoe-house at the bank of the Dipping Bobbing Diving Pond on the country Estate de Paltz in Soestduinen, Holland.